Question 1:
I want to renovate my home. What is the current promotion?
You can refer to the promotion page or give us a call @ 6683 9463 to make a no-obligation appointment.

Question 2:
What should I prepare before we meet up?
if possible, kindly prepare the following
1) Floor Plan
2) Designs you like/have in mind (if any)
3) Colour scheme you have in mind
4) A basic budget
5) Time Frame: When do you want to renovate and shift in

Question 3:
I have some financial constraints, can I pay using renovation loan?
We are more than happy to assist you to obtain a successful renovation loan.

Question 4:
Can i renovate part of the house/shop first then renovate another part later?
Of course you can, but do take note as it make more economical sense to renovate one shot.

Secondly,renovate all in one shot means less hassle for cleaning up/disturbance especially after the unit is occupied.

However, its totally up to individual as there is no definite answer, there is no job too big, no job too small, we do them all

Question 5:
I saw some special designs in ABC magazine/websites, can you propose something similar?
Yes, of course we can. We would love to propose similar designs for you.

Question 6:
What is the warranty period?
The basic warranty period is 2 years and upgradable with a token fee.

Question 7:
What wood do you provide for your kitchen cabinets?
Our kitchen cabinets are made from Plywood.

Question 8:
How come i don’t see any advertisements or heard about you guys?
We are a company which relies heavily on word-of-mouth advertisement. We keep our overheads low by not advertising frequently to keep our price reasonable and competitive.

Question 9:
Can i have the past projects reference?
Check out the links
Our Portfolio
Our Prestigious Customers

Question 10:
Why should i choose Tricon Interno to renovate my house/shop?
Kindly refer to:- Why Choose Tricon Interno

Question 11:
There are some other contractor quoted X% lower than your price, how come they can do it with that kind of pricing?
Frankly speaking, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…. We are unable to comment how other people do business nowadays but we sincerely believe our way of providing good service and quality product at a decent price is the proper way to build a strong and long term business relationship.